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Ideal Body Weight - Health - Weight Loss

An ideal body weight should be the goal for anyone who is interested in avoiding heart disease,diabetes and stroke.With the daily assult from television adverting and fast food convenience,Americans are saturated with unhealthy conditioning. The result, through the power of suggestion is devastating.

I want to mention that reaching ieal body weight doesn't happen overnight but of course weight loss certainly can.

Let's look first at your BMI(body mass index).This is the connection between your height and weight that is your body fat indicator. Any good N.D./M.D. will tell you how important it is.

The ideal body weight isn't rocket science, you can figure it out. Though unless you were a math whiz in high school or college I would suggest using a calculator. Here's how it's done.....

1.You must take your weight(1 kilogram= 2.2 pounds)2.Then measure your height(1 inch= 2.5 centimeters)3.Divide your weight by your height squared (Kg/m2)=26

If I haven't lost you yet you can actually hunt around on the web and find many sites that will do this for you.I want to include this handy chart I found for ideal body body weight.

BMI / BODY ________________________________________ 18.5 or less- ~ underweight/ 18.5 to 24.9- ~ normal/ 25.0-29.9- ~ overweight/ 30.0-34.9- ~ obese/ 40+ ~ very obese/

Get your numbers down by trying some sure fire tricks for weight loss. I've tried these for years and have turned friends on to them...If you don't walk for an hour a day every day then start now and watch your weight fall off naturally.Jared the "subway" guy wasn't putting you on.

Eating correctly and organically of course should be your number one goal in maintaining health and in health recovery after illness.Always begin with a general cleanse to rid yourself of toxins.Flush the fat cells after your cleanse by drinking apple cider vinegar with "mother". One tablespoon in a glass of water before meals will get you on your way. If you'd like to learn more about this subject you can refer back to my article on weight loss with apple cider vinegar under the weight loss section and it will tell you everything you need to know.

Try to seek out whole foods in your quest for ideal body weight. There are countless foods to choose from but it's good to start with whole grain foods.I use flax seed and flax flour in everything. It's versatile. Also it's ideal for baking as long as you don't overdue it.Too much and it can leave a bitter aftertaste.Try flax oil instead of olive oil in your cooking.It's lighter,nuttier and it cooks into chicken and rice well.

In the end it all comes down to you(Joni Mithell song). Ideal body weight and ideal body mass index can begin one minute from now. Don't make weight loss your great white whale and go mad in the process....I relate deeply to how you feel. I've been through the mill with this and finally found a comfortable place without dangerous diet pills, living from whole foods the way God intended.

The first thing you should say to yourself upon arising each morning is I CAN followed by I WILL. Just reprogram and put the law of attraction to work. No one will do it for you so find your ideal body weight and take ACTION! Shoot for the numbers and here's wishing you success in all your endeavors.....

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