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Coffee and tea consumption reduces risk of brain tumor - Health - Alternative Medicine

Coffee lovers and tea have a lower chance of creating the most typical form of malignant brain tumor, a new study suggests.

The results obtained from significantly more than 500,000 adults in Europe, add to evidence of a current study by the United States related high intake of coffee and tea with a reduced danger of creating gliomas, a set of brain tumors responsible for 80 percent of malignant cancers in this area amongst adults.

But this is not sufficient to prove that infusions offer such protection.

"It is very preliminary. The study is not cause to adjust the consumption of coffee or tea," said lead author Dominique Michaud, of Brown University's Imperial College, London.

And if each drinks had any direct effect on the danger of creating gliomas, would be smaller, and that brain tumors are uncommon.

In Europe, for example, annual charges are in between 4 and 6 circumstances per 100,000 women and 6 and 8 circumstances per 100,000 guys.

The possibility of possessing a malignant brain tumor in life is less than 1 percent.

Michaud said that if a greater consumption of coffee and tea protects some form of glioma, that would give scientists facts about the causes of brain tumors.

The findings, published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, arising from an ongoing study in ten European nations on prospective danger components for cancer.

At baseline, 521,488 guys and women in between 25 and 70 years responded to questionnaires about their medical history, diet regime, exercising, smoking and other life style components.

Michaud's team focused on significantly more than 410,000 participants without cancer at baseline and with complete dietary facts. Through 8.5 years, only 343 were diagnosed with glioma and other 245, an additional normally benign brain tumor named meningioma.

Just after dividing the participants into four and five groups, according to the consumption of coffee and tea at the starting of the study, the researchers located no evidence of a dose-response relationship.

But the results changed when the researchers looked at two groups: those who consumed at least half a cup (150 ml) and those who drank less or nothing for each infusions.

The significantly more coffee / tea consumed were a third less likely to develop glioma, even immediately after thinking of components such as age and smoking. There was no association with the danger of creating meningioma.

According to Michaud, is not identified why there is no evidence of a dose-response relationship in between consumption of coffee / tea and danger of glioma. May possibly be related with issues in the correct measurement of consumption of these beverages to the participants.

It is biologically plausible that coffee and tea influence the danger of creating glioma. For example, a current experiment in the laboratory delayed the growth of a type of glioma named glioblastoma.

In addition, coffee and tea contain antioxidants that defend body cells from harm that can result in cancer and other diseases.

Anyway, it is attainable for coffee lovers and tea have other characteristics that may have an effect on the possibility of creating glioma. These characteristics are unknown, as well as the causes of most brain tumors.

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